Good to know, when you are making candy at home

1. Chocolate does not like water. When you are making candies with chocolate glaze, be careful when melting chocolate on bain-marie, because a drop of water may turn the chocolate thick and chunky.

2. It is more difficult to work with milk chocolate than dark or white chocolate, because it may very quickly become too thick (i.e. it is very temperature-sensitive)

3. Truffle fillings need to settle in the fridge for a while before and after forming as well as after glazing (dipping into chocolate). If you are in a hurry, use the freezer.

4. Keep handmade chocolates in the fridge, unless you are tempering chocolate for glazing. Chocolate is very temperature-sensitive due to which it is not good to take the candies, which have been placed in the fridge for storage, out and then put them back in the cold. As a result, surface of the chocolate may become grey and the appearance of the candy will be spoiled.

5. The storage time of the candies, which are handmade at home is not long (max 4-5 days, in the fridge up to 2 weeks), therefore it is not advisable to make the candies meant for giving as a gift very long in advance. Fresh sweets are always best.