How does the jam get into the candy?

Throughout the times, sweettooths have been wondering how the jam gets into a hard candy. Is it injected into the finished candy or is there another method? In reality it happens as follows:

Making hard candies starts with mixing glucose syrup, sugar and water and its boiling into caramel mass. The finished and hot caramel mass, the temperature of which is higher than 100 degrees, moves on to the cooling line and from there to the moulding machine, where the candies get their final shape. After moulding the caramels are cooled down.

The filling or the “jam” gets into the candy also in the moulding machine. The rolls of the moulding machine have been placed in the shape of a cone; there is an empty slot between the rolls. Hot caramel mass is rolled to the rolls; the filling is pumped in between the two through pipes. The cone of the moulding machine is narrowing at the end and is the size of the candy at the other end of the cone. The candy with the suitable size is cut and the ends are pressed together as if you were making a jelly pastry at home.