The new marketing director of Kalev Chocolate Factory is Anne Tääkre

Anne Tääkre starts as the new marketing director of Kalev Chocolate Factory from 15 November.

Anne Tääkre who was previously employed as the head of the Marketing Department of AS Tere has long and extensive experience in working in food industry companies, among others, she has worked in AS Kalev during the years 1988-2000. Anne Tääkre has been active in the field of marketing for in total 16 years.

According to the words of Anne Tääkre, after being away from the confectionery industry for a relatively long period of time, she now has an excellent opportunity to combine her earlier knowledge of Kalev with the experiences obtained in the field of Estonian food industry. “I am very happy that I was selected in the competition and I will do my very best to ensure that the company gains maximum benefit from my experiences and knowledge. Working in an international group will give me a good opportunity to develop myself further,” said Anne Tääkre.

During the period 2000 to 2010, Anne Tääkre was employed in different Estonian food industry companies, among others Puls Brewery AS and Tere AS in the field of marketing and sales.

The main area of activity of AS Kalev Chocolate Factory is production of chocolate confectionery and sugar confectionery products and sale of chocolate, sugar and flour confectionery products. The main foreign markets are the Baltic States, Scandinavian countries and Russia.