New Maiuspala candy box arriving in stores

The new Maiuspala candy box is about to reach stores throughout Estonia. This marks the completion of its package renewal that began this past spring with a photo competition in search of a new cover girl for the candy box. The new Maiuspala box features a picture of Sonja from Valgamaa county, who was selected from among over 1200 candidates. The former Maiuspala cover illustration was used for over 30 years and will now go into well-deserved retirement.

The quality of the old cover photo had gradually deteriorated over the course of consecutive printing, while the original photo or slide had unfortunately been lost. Customers were certain in their wish to see a picture of a blonde girl with chicks on the cover of the Maiuspala box. This is why Kalev held a photo competition to find a blonde girl bearing as much likeness to the original as possible, after which the entire scene with the chicks was photographed anew.

Maiuspala, Estonia’s favorite candy box, celebrates its 55th jubilee this year.