Kalev's Christmas orders have increased exponentially

During the month of November, Kalev, Estonia's leading producer of sweets, has received a record amount of orders for Christmas gift packages for businesses' employees and their children.

Compared to last year, Christmas orders by businesses have more than tripled – last November institutions and businesses placed 373 orders for holiday products, while during the first three weeks of November this year, 1210 orders had been received.

According to Janno Kurg, AS Kalev Chocolate Factory's Director of Sales, Christmas orders are a longstanding tradition for the company. "We have taken Christmas orders from businesses for decades and this has become a kind of unique and valued tradition in Estonia. Alongside retail stores, businesses and organisations make up a substantial part of Kalev's Christmas clientele," said Kurg.

Private and state businesses, county councils and schools and kindergartens are among those who order Christmas gift packages. On average, children's establishments order 25-30 candy gift boxes, while businesses will order 40-50. This year's largest order is 5800 candy gift boxes, containing 3,8 tons of sweets.

The Christmas gift packages include what have been Kalev's most popular candies over time, including Oravake (means "Little Squirrel"), Kaseke ("Little Birch Tree"), Mesikäpp ("Honey Paw"), Tiina, Pilveke ("Little Cloud"), Draakon ("Dragon") and Kiss-Kiss candies. Exclusive gift packages intended for adults also include chocolate truffles, new praline candies and marzipan.

Last year Kalev Chocolate Factory's total number of Christmas orders reached 1868. This year the candy producer is preparing to fill a record amount of gift bags.

AS Kalev Chocolate Factory's main line of production is the manufacture and sales of chocolate and sugar confectionery products, as well as Vilma brand flour mixtures. Its main foreign markets are the Baltic States, Scandinavian countries and Russia. Kalev is the only confectionery manufacturer in the region who does not use trans-fats in any of its products. Kalev's chocolate and candy glazes are made of pure cocoa butter.