Kalev says no to trans fatty acids in their products

According to Kalev Chocolate Factory, the company is using the new generation non-hydrogenated vegetable fats in all of its sweets since September. Furthermore, without exception all glazed candies of Kalev are now covered with pure chocolate glaze, which contains 100% natural cocoa butter. Additionally, the company will increase the weight of its candies.

According to the words of Kaido Kaare, managing director of Kalev Chocolate Factory, this is realising one stage of the long-term product development plan, the result of which can already be tried in the products sold in stores. “All products that go out from Kalev Chocolate Factory today, have been manufactured of raw materials of higher quality. Until the depletion of the old stock of packaging we will use the old labelling, but from the end of this year the latest, we will hopefully be communicating our trans fatty acids free content also through our packaging,” said Kaare. According to his words, the product development plan of Kalev includes many other steps with which the company can bring joy to the sweettooths already in the nearest future. “Relying on the feedback from the consumers, we have decided to increase the weight of the candies. The milk bars have already gotten back their old form, next praline candies will become bigger, among them the favourites of the consumers Oravake, Teekonna etc. For that purpose we acquired new nozzles for the production lines, which allow making bigger candies as compared to the possibilities that we have so far had in the new facility with the new equipment,” said Kaare.

According to the words of nutrition specialist Mai Maser, excluding hydrogenated vegetable fat from the candies shows that the level of Estonian food industry is reaching the high quality standards comparable to those of Denmark or Austria. “The fact that our companies continue to develop their products and introduce new raw materials with higher quality is only commendable,” said Maser.

According to Kaido Kaare, the company is taking major steps in product development as well as export, expanding sales on export markets in co-operation with the companies of the Orkla group. “Thanks to belonging to the international group, our export opportunities have significantly expanded. Already today, we have increased the volume of sales of our products to Finland and Russia,” said Kaare.

The main activity of AS Kalev Chocolate Factory is making chocolate and sugar confectionery products and sale of chocolate, sugar and flour confectionery products. The main foreign markets are the Baltic states, Scandinavian countries and Russia. The predecessor of the company is the confectionery business founded by sugar baker Lorenz Caviezel in 1806.

The product portfolio of Kalev includes such well-known brands as Kalev, Linda, Kalevipoeg, Vilma, Draakon, Mesikäpp, Anneke, Kaseke, Maiuspala and many others. Kalev chocolate is made of pure cocoa butter and does not contain other vegetable fats. The products of the company do not contain artificial preservatives.

Kalev Chocolate Factory employs 415 persons.