Kalev returns to its historical home

According to AS Kalev Chocolate Factory, the company will acquire the registered immovable at Pikk tn 16/Pühavaimu tn 1, which is known as the house of the Maiasmokk cafe and which belongs to the city of Tallinn.

Managing Director of AS Kalev Chocolate Factory Kaido Kaare said that acquisition of the house of Maiasmokk is symbolic for the company. “This is where the oldest predecessor of the Kalev
Chocolate Factory, the confectionery of Lorenz Cavietzel started its activities in 1806, thus we can say that Kalev has finally returned to its historical home,” said Kaido Kaare.
According to his words, the oldest continuously operating cafe Maiasmokk that has brought joy to the customers with the fresh pastry and confectionery products for over 140 years will continue its activities on the first floor of the building. “The Kalev marzipan museum room will also remain open. There everyone can get an overview of the exciting history of the building through the sweet that has brought popularity to it – marzipan,” added Kaido Kaare. He emphasised that there is a plan to find application to the upper floors that are currently empty.

The year of establishment of the Estonian confectionery industry is 1806, when the oldest predecessor of the current Kalev Chocolate Factory, sugar baker Lorenz Cavietzel opened its confectionery industry in Tallinn, on Pikk street where now is the Maiasmokk cafe. In 1864 the company that had been run down was purchased by Georg Stude who expanded it significantly. The most popular part of Stude’s creation was the marzipan figurines and handmade chocolate candies. Among other things, sweets were regularly ordered from the Stude shop by the court of the Russian czar. The recipes and work techniques of the old times are still used to make the exclusive marzipan figurines and assorted handmade candies under the Kalev trademark.