Kalev has renewed its chocolate kitchen at a cost of over 3 million euros

On April 25th AS Kalev opened its new chocolate kitchen, the most contemporary of its kind in the Nordic countries, costing in excess of 3 million euros. The new kitchen allows for world class chocolate production and will broaden the company's export possibilities to other European countries.

During the transformation, Kalev replaced all of the equipment necessary for producing chocolate; the entire so-called chocolate kitchen. The investment reached upwards of 3 million euros (ca 47 million kroons). The new equipment was supplied by the Swiss company Bühler, the largest manufacturer of chocolate producing equipment in the world. Bühler's production equipment is used to make approximately 65% of the world's chocolate and is used by all the most notable manufacturers of confectionery world-over.

Kalev's new chocolate producing facilities were officially put into operation on Wednesday by Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications Juhan Parts and Kalev's Chairman of the Board Kaido Kaare.

Chairman of the Board Kaido Kaare said that the new production equipment greatly broadens Kalev's opportunity to produce higher quality chocolate in a greater variety than is currently available. This in turn greatly increases the competitiveness of Kalev's products in Estonia and abroad.

"The output from Kalev's chocolate kitchen will no longer be second-best to chocolates made by the world's top producers and will measure up in every way to famous Swiss chocolate. This greatly increases Kalev's export potential. With increases in export, we also predict the possibility of creating new jobs at Kalev," notes Kaare.

Products created in the new chocolate kitchen will slowly begin arriving in Estonian stores in the near future. Products made in the new chocolate kitchen will be marked as such on the packaging for easy recognition by consumers.

"The recipes and taste qualities of chocolates sold in Estonia will not change, but the quality of the chocolate, including level of refinement, melting point and subtlety of taste will improve," said Kaare.

AS Kalev is Estonia's largest and oldest confectionery producing company, whose share of the market reached 40,5% in December-January of 2012 according to the AS Nielsen market research company. Market share had thereby grown 2,1% within the past year.