Kalev brings Mesikäpp ice cream into the market

Kalev will expand its selection of sweets with a totally new product – Mesikäpp chocolate ice cream in wafer.

The leading confectionery manufacturer Kalev will enter a new market segment by starting to offer ice cream under Mesikäpp trademark for the first time in its history. The production of Mesikäpp ice cream is also the first step towards renewing the Mesikäpp brand – soon both the Mesikäpp chocolate as well as candies will acquire a fresh design.

“Ice cream is the best-selling sweet during summer and thus we decided to bring joy to the sweet lovers from our part as well and introduce a totally new product under the Kalev trademark in the form of an ice cream,” Kalev marketing director Anne Tääkre stated.

The ice cream will be manufactured in cooperation with Premia Foods and the first batches have already arrived in stores. “The flavour of the Mesikäpp ice cream is unique due to the wafer balls hidden in the sweet which will give the ice cream the special Mesikäpp flavour. There is no other ice cream in Estonia like the Mesikäpp wafer cone. Premia is delighted that the united and thorough product development undertaken by our ice cream masters and Kalev chocolate specialists has given such a good and mouth-melting outcome,“ Premia Foods marketing director Katre Kõvask said.

Similarly to other sweets under the Kalev trademark the Mesikäpp ice cream also contains no trans fatty acids or preservatives. Premia Foods shall be responsible for the sales and distribution of Mesikäpp ice cream and soon the frozen food counters of many stores will carry the cold sweet.

A new and thoroughly positive teddy bear shall decorate Mesikäpp ice cream packaging thus pleasing both little and big sweettooths. The main colours of the packaging are darker yellow and red, with a grid depicting wafer used as a new detail.

“The new Mesikäpp shall figure on all product packagings belonging to this product family: chocolates, wafer candies, candy batons and ice cream,” Anne Tääkre added. Mesikäpp is one of the most beloved Kalev brands, which wafer candies have been manufactured for already over 60 years. Mesikäpp chocolate bars have been manufactured for the last 15 years.

The main activity of AS Kalev Chocolate Factory is manufacturing of chocolate and sugar confectionery products and sale of chocolate, sugar and flour confectionery products. The main export markets are the Baltic States, Scandinavian countries and Russia. Kalev will celebrate its 205th birthday in August this year.