Kaido Kaare new general manager of Kalev Chocolate Factory

Mr Kaido Kaare has been appointed general manager and member of the board of the Estonian confectionery maker Kalev Chocolate Factory, effective 1st September. Marko Kaha will continue as member of the board and CFO. Kaido Kaare is the former general manager of Atria Estonia, Chairman of the Board of Wõro Kommerts and the retail strategy manager in Shell Europe Oil Products.

In presenting his vision about the company, Kaido Kaare said that Kalev is a dignified Estonian company and managing it will be a big responsibility. “Kalev is very well-known and loved in Estonia. Taking into account its history and traditions, our job will be to continue to build on Kalev´s strong position in Estonia and also to take the products of Kalev more and more to foreign markets. My impression of Kalev is that it is a well managed and strong organization, with competent people,” said Kaare.

Kaido Kaare has a bachelor degree in economics from Tallinn Technical University and an EMBA in strategic management from Estonian Business School.

According to Kalev Chocolate Factory, the new Chairman of the Board was appointed as the result of an open recruitment competition. The former Chairman of the Board, Mait Nilson left Kalev Chocolate Factory upon agreement of parties.

Kalev Chocolate Factory is a company which produces chocolate and sugar confectionery products. Main markets are the Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia. The oldest predecessor of Kalev is the confectionery factory of Lorenz Caviezel founded in 1806.

Kalev chocolates are produced from pure cocoa butter and do not contain any artificial preservatives.

Kalev Chocolate Factory employs 430 persons.