The history of the company dates back to the time many centuries ago. According to the sales contract concluded on 11 August 1806, the new owner sugar baker Lorenz Cavietzel obtained all rights to the land and building that he purchased. The documents include a precise description of the property: its location was the sales hall of the current Maiasmokk cafe, which back then was a separate house.

According to the 1786 city law of Russia, business enterprises could be owned in Tallinn only persons who were entered to the guild list, including craftsmen. The name of Lorenz Cavietzel was first mentioned in the abovementioned document in 1806. Only then could he establish a sugar bakery and a shop and start earning money with his studies speciality.

The house that for years was handed down from person to person was purchased in 1864 by confectioner Georg Stude. He additionally purchased the big house at the corner of Pühavaimu and Pikk streets and started to build them into one building. After the reconstructions, the house had even bigger production facilities and more luxurious sales hall. The marzipan products of the company became especially popular. During the second half of the 19th century they supplied marzipan to the family and court of the Russian czar, among others. Its fame increased at the beginning of the 20th century, before World War I, when the company received a number of valuable awards.

In 1941 the company was nationalised and merged with the Brandmann and Riola sweets factories to become candy factory Karamell. In 1958, Karamell was merged with the confectionery factory Uus-Kalev. In 1962, merging of this industry was completed by merging Uus-Kalev and Kalev into confectionery factory Kalev. As a result Georg Stude’s marzipan and handmade chocolate production reached the confectionery factory Kalev. His tradition of cakes and pies continued on Pikk street at the Maiasmokk cafe.

In 1997 OÜ Maiasmokk was registered and seven years later AS Kalev acquired its majority holding. OÜ Maiasmokk became a subsidiary of AS Kalev. Acquiring OÜ Maiasmokk was very important for Kalev due to the fact that this place, at Pikk tn 16, was where the oldest direct predecessor of the company Lorenz Cavietzel started its activities.

At the end of 2010, AS Kalev acquired the historic building of cafe Maiasmokk. It was formerly owned by the city of Tallinn.