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Throughout the years, AS Kalev has supported a wide range of causes, projects and events. Currently, we have directed our sponsorship activities in support of two primary areas: sports and culture. Our primary focus is the sponsorship of young up-and-coming talents.

Kalev is the main sponsor of TV 10 Olympic Starts, a competitive series promoting youth sports that is unique throughout the world. We also sponsor the Estonian National Youth Handball Championships and youth cross-country skiing series. In its role as the main sponsor, Kalev is also supporting the charity relay race where about 9500 primary school students are racing for the benefit of children with mobility disability.

Photo Marko Mumm

Kalev considers it a great honour to support the development of Estonian national culture in cooperation with the Estonian National Opera. It can be said that our partnership is to be expected: just as the National Opera is the flagship of Estonian national culture, Kalev can be considered its equal in the food industry business. We hope that our support will help the Estonian National Opera in its efforts to continue to offer fantastic experiences for music and theatre lovers at home, as well as for those who have come from abroad.

We have placed special emphasis on events occurring in our own home parish, which we have fostered. Some examples are Rae parish’s village days, sports competitions at the local Jüri Gymnasium and other similar events.

For years, Kalev has helped provide sweets for families with many children. At Christmas time, we show our support for Estonian troops spending the holidays far from home on a mission by sending them goodies for their holiday table.

In choosing projects to support, we take into consideration the following keywords: new recruits, enduring traditions, continuity, development, uniqueness, positiveness, tenacity and perseverance.

If you are planning a unique kind of event or are starting up an interesting project, which belongs to the aforementioned areas or which reflects the given keywords and you would be interested in receiving support from our firm, please send your detailed application to our e-mail address kalev@kalev.eu or by mail to:

Sponsor application
AS Kalev
Põrguvälja tee 6
75306 Lehmja, Rae vald
Harju maakond

Please include the following within your application:

• The person/organisation presenting the application to be sponsored (along with contact information: phone, e-mail)

• The activities to be sponsored (a description of the project or event, including goals, when it will take place, the amount of people taking part, etc.; or a brief introduction of the athlete and his/her accomplishments, etc.)

• The approximate sum with which you wish to be sponsored